Learn more about our Internship Program.

Here at Proficient Information Systems (PIS) we know how scary it can be to enter a new workplace. New faces, new communication systems, new skills and new hurdles. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to provide comfort and space to learn and grow through practical implementation.

What can a PIS internship do for you?

You will be learning alongside experts in the software development industry with over a decade of experience. Our internship program will not only give you the tools needed to develop your skills but you will be diving right into projects which will have an impact in the real world.

This internship is a hands-on approach taking you directly into the playing field.and by the end of the internship, your skills will be tested through a project covering all the course material.

Whether it be working with project management tools as a business analyst or various coding languages and frameworks as a front/back end developer, the experience you gain here will help you build and shape a strong career for your future.

Our Culture

Respect is an absolute must in our company. There is no room for demeaning or condescending behavior towards any employee by any other employee.

We are here to learn and help each other achieve success with PIS as the driving force behind that success. We believe in giving everyone a chance as long as that person gives it his or her best.

As a team we understand the value of using all available resources and our primary resource is each other. Using the knowledge of your fellow team members to get the job done is a critical skill that you must master in order to achieve success in PIS

How we work?

While productivity and efficiency are very important to us, we work more as a family than a company. You will always find support from your fellow team members in any of your endeavours. A stress free environment is the ideal environment and it shows in our collaboration efforts.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently following a work from home model. Using the latest technologies we stay connected at all times and help is always a click away. This is an opportunity for you to learn about the work from home model which is fast becoming part of the new normal.